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I took this picture during last winter when I was working on my photo book theming on a very abstract concept — awakening from dreams. I found it interesting that I often seek ideas for creative works from dream-like setting, which holds true both in my photography and free writing. The picture features a girl who just wakes up ¬†from a long dream and finds herself alone. The lamp, the only light source, is held by her in arms as if the light is coming from her inner world and her intrinsic illumination. The image always appears to be a magic attraction to me, from which I see peace, loneliness, and inner motivation. A pleasant writing, in my perspective, is more often than not a monologue that naturally flows out from mind, tranquil like river or roaring like ocean, in a self-only environment. It also should be an actively seeking process, instead of passively squeezing out something you don’t really have words to say. I chose the image as my avatar for it creates a fitted atmosphere to turn me off from the outside world and turn me on to my inner world.

The editing application I used for creating this avatar is Canva. I found the most difficult part of making this image was not designing or arranging the layout, but is surprisingly, how to eliminate the implication that the figure in the photo is me after I put my name beneath the photo. I tried to obscure the face but it failed in a aesthetic concern; I tried to block the face with a icon, but it appeared to be incompatible with the surroundings. Finally, I decided to cover her face by a mask-like pattern consisting of black lines, which not only weakens the focus of attention on the figure’s identity, but also has no impact on the overall aesthetic perception.


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