Podcast Graphic

Looking through the notes I took when the class was discussing the concepts that need be included in our podcast project, I found the comparison between the old media and the new has a remarkable weight in the discussion. Therefore I decided to design a podcast graphic that features the contest between old and new media, meanwhile merging the elements of podcast. I created a balance consisting of earphone and microphone, which are the embodiments of podcast. The left side lies the symbols that represent old media such as newspapers and television, while the right side sits the logos of social networking sites that stand for new media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The balance leans to the right, which manifests that new media tends to play a more important role in today’s society compared to old media. The arrow beneath the scale guides the chronology of the evolution of media. Overall, I intended to create a podcast graphic that conveys the idea that we are trying to communicate our thoughts about media, how it impacts our society and how its influence changes with the alternating platform of media.

Image Credit: Podcast Archives by Russell Mooreheadphones postcard vgba by vr 324, old and new media by Yash Mahendra





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